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Meet the Makers: Kelsy Parkhouse x Carleen, Vol. 1

Meet Kelsy. Kelsy Parkhouse is the brain behind Americana-inspired brand, Carleen. After graduating from school for art design, Kelsy received a cash prize that allowed her to start the line we here at TC&G know and love today. Heavily rooted in the nostalgia of Americana, Kelsy's designs are produced here in the United States between New York and Los Angeles - both ensuring quality that she can oversee and acting as a nod to the brand's American roots. Read on below to learn more about Kelsy's background and what inspires her. A BRIEF INSIGHT Where You Grew Up: Long Beach, CA Where You Live Now: Los Angeles, CA City/Place That's Had the Biggest Impact On You: New York The One Thing You...

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TC&G's Top Essentials

A companion piece to the lil feature on the woman behind the shop - this time, featuring all of my favorite go-tos. Personal style communicates a lot, so get to know me through some of my favorite pieces. Because I truly do wear every brand I rep at this shop, here's my list of essentials and favorites that I wear on a (legitimately) daily basis: Red Wing Heritage Claras in Oro: These are my go-to everyday boots and hands-down my favorite to pair with any outfit.  Imogene + Willie Elizabeths: The most perfect high-rise jean I've found in all my years of searching. Nips in right at your natural waist for my favorite silhouette. Always in rotation and one half...

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Meet the Makers: Tom Clothes & Goods x Arielle Ackerman

If you've been following along with TC&G and our stories, you'll notice our recurring Meet the Makers feature, in which I interview the women behind the brands so that you guys can get to know the people behind the clothes and goods you're wearing.  I'm always a bit wary talking about myself, but the recent LA popups I've been doing where I've gotten to meet so many great TC&G friends in person have reminded me just how much I miss out on sometimes as an online retailer. In all my years of retail, personal interactions have always ranked so high at the top of my list for reasons why I love it. And since there's only so much that can be done...

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