Meet the Makers: Jennie Stone x MoonPi Jewelry, Vol. 1

This is Jennie. Jennie makes jewelry. Jennie makes kickass jewelry right out of her home studio in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. She is the one-woman powerhouse behind MoonPi Jewelry, a brand I discovered years ago on my journey to find well-made, worn better goods and have loved ever since. 

Below Jennie gives us an inside look into the woman behind the brand. 


Where You Grew Up: 

Early years Redondo Beach, CA, northeastern Washington State for junior high & high school. Been back in Southern CA since then. 

Where You Live:

Echo Park, CA

City/Place That's Had the Biggest Impact On You:

I feel like my spilt childhood between city and woods really shaped me. I feel connected to both and need a balance of each.

The One Thing You Absolutely Need Everyday to Keep You Going: 


Favorite Movie:

Alice thru the Looking Glass. It was a bizarre three part made for tv series from the 80's. That is basically the story of Alice but with a golden cast and Sammy Davis as the caterpillar- there is a scene where he turns into Sammy and the tap dancing sequence(!!!) Think I was 7 or 8 when I saw it and was immediately obsessed with Sammy- and started taking tap dance lessons after that. Hahah!

Favorite Song/Musician:

Neil Young, anything on After the Gold Rush

Favorite Human: 

Thats a hard one with no right answer, so......... I'll never tell :)

What Are Some Previous Jobs You Had Before MoonPi?

Retail and dog training

Did You Go To College? What'd You Study?

I didn't really go to college. Well I went a couple of times and just never finished. Studied Photography and art.

Favorite Thing to Make (Jewelry-Related)?

Hmm. I like all of it, the best part is when it finally all comes together. After all the work it really is the best reward.

Favorite Thing to Make (Non-Jewelry Related)?

I am really into cooking and have recently (last 4-5months) got back into essential oils. Basic senses: touch, taste, smell :)

If You're Not Working in Your Home Studio, Where Are You?

In the garden. I have really enjoyed gardening since I was a kid.

What's Your Favorite Hobby/Passion That You Would Definitely Not Want to Pursue as a Career?

Gardening or landscaping. I love plants, they are fascinating but it would be brutal to have to yard all the time. 


Stay tuned for Volume 2 of my sit-down with Jennie in which we discuss how she and her brand got started. And find some of Jennie's gorgeous creations here on the site!