TC&G's Top Essentials

A companion piece to the lil feature on the woman behind the shop - this time, featuring all of my favorite go-tos. Personal style communicates a lot, so get to know me through some of my favorite pieces.

Because I truly do wear every brand I rep at this shop, here's my list of essentials and favorites that I wear on a (legitimately) daily basis:

Red Wing Heritage Claras in Oro: These are my go-to everyday boots and hands-down my favorite to pair with any outfit. 

Imogene + Willie Elizabeths: The most perfect high-rise jean I've found in all my years of searching. Nips in right at your natural waist for my favorite silhouette. Always in rotation and one half of my daily uniform.

Tradlands Clare Chambray: The other half of my daily uniform. Denim on denim is my favorite go-to outfit, and this bad boy pairs well with everything.

W'Menswear All-Weather Outdoor Jacket: One of the most well-thought out pieces of women's outerwear I've ever laid eyes on. Oh, the details.

Bradley Mountain Atwood Tote: When I am carrying a bag, it's this one hands-down. The canvas wears in well so nicely and it can be waxed to make it water-resistant. Plus, there's a D ring on the inside so I actually don't have to dig around for my keys!

Carleen Lucky Bandana in Red: I always - ALWAYS - have a bandana on me. Whether it's tied around my neck, tucked into my pocket, or tied onto my bag, you will never not catch me without a bandana (did all those double negatives make sense?). And this one's it.


MoonPi Turquoise Ring: Another thing you can always count on me to wear - a full stack of rings. And my old MoonPi baby is always included. Fair enough - this particular turquoise ring is not the one I'm always wearing! But that's only because these stone beauties are one-of-a-kinds and if I hoarded them all, I'd have nothing to share with you guys :) 

Yellow 108 Eastwood in Putty: My go-to for adventures where I just can't be bothered to do my hair. 

And last but not least - our very own TC&G Whisky-Dyed belt! Always, always looped through my I+W denim, this belt is the epitome of one of my favorite combinations: whiskey, leather, and hard work!