Welcome to TC&G!

Hey! How's it going?

Bet you're wondering right about now who and what exactly Tom Clothes & Goods is. Let me fill you in!

We're an e-shop dedicated to finding and bringing to you a selection of clothes and goods that are just as strong, durable, and beautiful as the woman (that's you!) who wears them. Quality brands that you can count on for you to really live and adventure in. So what do we mean when we say we're bringing you well-made products? Well, let's get into it.

When we talk about quality clothes, what we mean is we're looking for clothing and goods that are manufactured for real, prolonged, everyday use. This is by no means fast-fashion. We've spent years discovering and sourcing the best-made, best-priced products that can stand up to the test of time through all kinds of wear. You know that favorite pair of jeans you've had for 5 years that have worn over to fit you perfectly and reflect your lifestyle? Yeah, you'll find those here. You know those leather boots you invested in a couple years back that have seen you through extra-long work days and extra-fun adventures? Those will be here too. If you're looking for things that not only last but get even better with age, molding to reflect your shape and life and nobody else's - you'll find 'em here.

We’re a big fan of supporting the good ol’ USA, so the majority of the companies and brands you’ll find here at TC&G are founded, designed and manufactured somewhere in these United States. We make the occasional exception for internationally-sourced clothes and goods that exemplify outstanding quality and craft and follow ethical manufacturing overseas. After all, we’re all in this together and we can all appreciate some damn good denim (or coats, or boots, or bags)!

Here at TC&G, we’re also big (read: huge) fans of women supporting women - especially as a female-founded company ourselves - so you’ll notice a number of brands are helmed by some badass ladies too. Because who better to hold each other up than us?

We care about supporting our friends and quality makers too - so many of our makers are smaller brands and teams (sometimes even as small as one person). As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to support local, smaller businesses because we understand what hard work and an appreciation for quality craftsmanship can accomplish, especially when paired with the kind of personalized and unbeatable customer service that small teams can provide. 

So there ya have it: quality clothes, quality goods, quality people - here for you, always. Well-Made, Worn Better. That’s what we’re all about.